About the Office. Our practice is located in downtown Carlsbad, California and serves the optometry needs of adults and children of North County San Diego, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, La Costa. About the Doctor. Dr. Bloch is highly trained and skilled in adult and (children's) pediatric optometry. As a Carlsbad eye doctor, he also operates Children’s Optometic of North County, a unique eye care facility dedicated to the development, correction, and rehabilitation of eye problems in children. The highly successful vision therapy program corrects children's vision-related learning and reading problems, dyslexia, convergence, eye teaming, fusion, depth perception, and focusing. Services Offered. Bloch Vision Care and Children's Optometric of North County are located in Carlsbad CA, in San Diego County. Comprehensive services include eye examinations for adults and children, contact lens evaluation and fitting, treatment of eye infection, allergies, and disease, eyeware, glasses, children's glasses, assessment of eye problems, vision therapy for vision-related learning and reading problems, eye exercises, perception training, children's reading therapy, and low vision examinations. Office Discounts. Look at the huge benefits and savings for paying on the date of service, referring friends, buying a second pair of glasses, buying one year supply of contant lenses, new patient eye photos, multiple visits, and special procedures. Office Hours. Open to suit almost any schedule. See exact hours when you go to this page. Convenient location in downtown Carlsbad, California and serves the optometry needs of adults and children of North County San Diego, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, La Costa.
Common Vision Problems. Blurred vision, accommodative disorders, presbyopia, vergence disorders (we are Carlsbad specialists in adult and children's vision therapy), and tracking disorders. Our Carlsbad office treats external eye health problems which include: Dry Eye, Eye Allergy, Eye Infection, Stye, Blepharitis, Pinquecula. We diagnose and treat glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, Hypertensive Retinopathy, and Diabetic Retinopathy. Reading Disorders and Poor Vision Warning Signs for Vision Problems. We specialize in diagnosing and treating vision problems and eye health problems, including emergencies. Children's vision problems can cause learning problems and reading problems. Our Carlsbad office of Children's Optometric of North County specializes in vision therapy, a comprehensive program designed to improve children's vision-related learning and reading problems, dyslexia, convergence, eye teaming, fusion, depth perception, and focusing. Large selection of both adult and children's glasses eyewear found in our Carlsbad office, serving the needs of adults and children of North County San Diego, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, La Costa. Frames range from name brand to designer such as Marchon, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Nautica, Nike, Coach, Vera Wang, Gallery, Disney, Ray Ban, and X-Games. Contact lenses from all major contact lens manufacturers. We sell both conventional and disposable contact lenses. Laser Vision Correction. Our Carlsbad optometry office will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam, eye evaluation for laser vision correction and laser vision correction consultation to determine your suitability for laser vision correction. We will will manage your pre-operative and post-operative laser vision correction surgery care. Vision Development and Lazy Eye. We are pediatric optometrists specializing in children's eye development, vision-related reading problems and vision therapy for children's vision problems such as convergence eye teaming fusion depth perception and focusing. Adults should have a regular eye examination every year. Children should have their vision checked as early as possible and yearly. Since children cannot always tell their vision is subnormal, it is important for parents to have them checked regularly. Children learn 80% of what they know through visual information. Undetected eye problems can contribute to poor school or sports performance. Not all vision problems require glasses. Vision therapy will often correct the problem. Children and adults may suffer eye problems due to weak or inefficient eye muscles. Our Carlsbad office offers treatment for eye muscle problems through special eye exercises or vision therapy. Our trained vision therapy specialists offer a comprehensive, affordable vision therapy program in Carlsbad. We work in children's vision therapy to improve convergence, eye teaming, fusion, depth perception, and focusing.
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Our Vision Therapy & Reading Therapy Programs Produce Dramatic Results

Many people suffer eye problems despite having 20/20 clarity. This may be the result of having weak eye muscles or perceptual difficulties.

At times, both children and adults may suffer eye problems due to weak or inefficient eye muscles. The muscles that control focusing and eye movements behave like other muscles in the body. When placed under a load from excessive use, they can fatigue, twitch, cramp, and even be inflexible. As a result, a person could experience eye pain, eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, double vision, loss of place while reading, or reduced depth perception.

If these symptoms are mild and rarely occur, relief could be obtained by resting the eyes. Just like someone might rest after carrying a heavy package or running a long distance. When symptoms are more persistent and occur frequently, additional treatment such as vision therapy is necessary.

Treatments for eye muscle problems include corrective eyewear and eye exercises (vision therapy). In most cases, prescription glasses or contact lenses cure the problem. However, in other cases, vision therapy using special eye exercises is necessary. Just like a muscle performance in a person’s arm, leg, chest or back can be improved with exercise, so can muscles of the eye.

Vision Therapy is a Comprehensive Program to Re-Train the Eyes

Adults and children receiving vision therapy and the associated eye exercises, build strength, flexibility, stamina, speed and accuracy of their eye muscles. They are able to see clearer, focus longer, and track better. In some instances, they may even be able to get rid of their glasses.

Vision therapy and eye exercises are prescribed according to a person’s specific needs and capabilities. During an eye examination, the doctor can measure the strength and flexibility of the eye muscles and then assign which exercises will be most beneficial.

Vision therapy eye exercises are usually accomplished with lenses, prisms, and filters which come in different strengths. When participating in vision therapy, a person begins with a lower strength exercise and move up to a higher strength exercise until their eyes work at full capacity.

Some exercises are done at the doctor’s office and some are done at home. Each person’s program has to be monitored and altered as they make improvement. Like other exercise programs, end results vary depending on the severity of the condition and compliance with the program.

We've Successfully Used Vision Therapy to Address Children's Reading Problems

Occasionally, children have problems in school, not because of blurred vision or weak eye muscle, but because they have difficulty perceiving or processing what they see (Vision Perception). Vision Perception problems include the inability to sort, store, and recall by size, shape, colors, texture, directions, sequences, and spatial orientation.

A student having trouble with any of these skills they will confuse things and make errors. In school, this can be exhibited as poor copying skills, sloppy writing, letter or word reversals, confusing left from right, misalignment of number columns when doing math, poor memorization, reduced comprehension, and adding, omitting, or substituting unrelated material.

Students with perceptual difficulties can be tested for their areas of weakness. Once diagnosed, programs can be implemented that train the student to pay attention to the right details and to better organize the information they have seen.

Carlsbad and North County San Diego residents get the best adult or children's eye doctor eye exam, eyecare, eyewear, eye glasses, vision / eye prescriptions, contacts, laser vision correction, vision therapy, reading therapy, eye infection treatment, eye allergy treatment, and vision problem diagnosis in the Carlsbad offices of Bloch Vision Care and Children's Optometric of North County. We are trained and qualified pediatric / children's eye doctor eye specialists and children's vision therapy specialists. We service the vision needs of patients residing in Carlsbad, North County San Diego, San Marcos, Oceanside, Vista, La Costa, Encinitas, California.

Members of the American Optimetric Association. COVD College of Optometrists in Vision Development. The Carlsbad practices of David Bloch, OD, Bloch Vision Care, and Children's Optometric of North County are staffed with highly trained professionals in adult children's eye exams vision therapy specialists carlsbad children's learning related reading problems dyslexia convergence eye teaming fusion depth perception focusing eye exercises contact lenses glasses eyewear eyeVSP