Eye Examination for Adults and Children

We examine patients of all ages from birth to seniors. Eye exam are comprehensive, covering all major eye functions. They include a review of your eye problem, eye and health history, visual acuity with and without any prescription eyewear, determination of your new prescription (refraction), ability to change focus (accommodation), eye alignment, eye muscle strength and coordination, eye tracking, external eye health (including check for cataracts), internal eye health (including optic nerve and retina), depth perception or 3D vision, color vision, pupil reflexes, eye pressure(glaucoma check), and peripheral vision. Exams are concluded with a discussion of the diagnosis and treatment.

Supplemental tests are performed when standard tests indicate a potential problem that requires further investigation or confirmation. See below for description of additional tests.

Pediatric Eye Exams cover the same eye functions as adults (described above), but may be performed with different techniques or instrumentation. Young children (infants and toddlers) do not have to be verbal to have a complete eye exam, nor do they need to know the alphabet. Examination results and expected norms are discussed with parents, as well as recommendations for proper eye development and prevention of future eye problems. Children with fears about going to the doctor are handled with unprecedented care. Dr. Bloch is residency trained in pediatric eye care and is a semi-professional magician. He will finesse his way through the exam with games, clever chatter, showing cartoons, and performing magic tricks. Your child will won’t even realize their being examined. In many cases, children have so much fun they want to do it again.