Vision Therapy – A Comprehensive Program of Eye Exercises & Eye-Training

Not all vision problems can be corrected with the use of glasses or contacts. Sometimes a persons eye muscles are weak and do not work efficiently. Just like other muscles in the body can fatigue, cramp, and be inflexible, so can eye muscles that control focusing, eye alignment, and tracking. When a person wants to gain strength, flexibility, stamina, speed, and accuracy in performance, they work out. Likewise, eye exercises or Vision Therapy can be prescribed to enhance visual performance. With special exercises prescribed by the doctor, you can see clearer, focus longer, and track better. In some instances, you may even be able to get rid of your glasses.

Many children show signs of vision problems which can develop into vision-related learning problems in school. Ask about our highly successful, comprehensive vision therapy program. With regular vision therapy sessions of treatment, our trained professionals can help turn these problems around. Watch the delight in your child's eyes as their learning skills improve and they begin to have greater success in school, and in life.