Conditions Which Require Immediate Attention:

Sudden loss of vision (with or without pain)
Seeing flashes of light
Seeing floaters spots, veils, curtains
Missing vision or obscured vision
Eye injuries, blunt trauma, puncture wounds
Exposure to chemicals or cleaning agents


Conditions Which Require Attention Within 24 Hours:

Sudden onset of blurred vision
Sudden onset of double vision
Severe or moderate red eyes
Severe or moderate eye or eyelid pain
Severe or moderate sensitivity to light
Severe eye or eyelid itching
Foreign particle in eyes
Eyes with colored discharge (green, yellow, brown, pink, white)
Eye or eyelid swelling


Conditions Which Require Attention As Soon As Possible:

Mild red eyes
Mild eye pain or discomfort
Mild eye or eyelid itching
Blurred vision (constant or intermittent)
Eyestrain or headaches
Delayed focusing
Double vision
Eye or eyelid bumps, lumps, growths


Your Child Is Probably Having a Vision Problem If They:

Can’t see what other can
Eyes appear misaligned
Excessive blinking
Rubbing eyes
Turning or tilting head to see
Closing an eye to see
Holding things too close
Sitting too close to TV
Eyestrain at the computer
Headaches with desk work
Losing place while reading
Sleepiness with reading
Words move or float when reading
Poor concentration
Trouble copying from the board
Sloppy handwriting
Trouble copying from the board
Letter or word reversals
Trouble copying from the board
Slow learning or reading
Attention problems
Delinquent behavior
Poor sports performance