More Testimonials

Kristina H. - Flagstaff, AZ
Excellent experience with Dr. Bloch! After a nightmare experience elsewhere, I found Dr. Bloch’s office for my 11-year-old daughter who wanted contacts prior to starting 6th grade this year. Dr. Bloch established a great rapport right from the start with both of us; he is very personable, knowledgeable, and incredibly funny. You almost feel like it’s a comedy routine, but he gets the job done … and well! My daughter struggled getting the contacts in and out herself, though, and it was only due to Dr. Bloch’s personal assistance that she was able to do it at all. He appears to be very gifted in knowing how to approach each situation with children. With careful questioning, he was able to figure out exactly what was causing my daughter’s struggles and found the perfect solution to help her find success! I appreciate all that Dr. Bloch did for us. We will definitely return and recommend him to all our friends.

Kayy D. - Oceanside, CA
I like all the Staff and Dr. Bloch is great. Highly reccomend.

Julianne B. - Carlsbad, CA
I’ve seen Dr. Bloch for at least 7 years now. I have to say, my kids have always looked forward to going to see him – it’s actually fun – the Dr. is very entertaining! Where else do you find an Optician/Magician? lol

As my boys have gotten older, they’ve both needed glasses. We’ve had a wonderful choice in his office of stylish frames too. I’ve read previous complaints that other patients felt pressured by the staff here, but I didn’t at all. When I was asked if I wanted certain additions to my lenses, I said no and that was that. No problems at all.

Also, I have to comment about the staff. About 3 or so years ago when the Dr moved into his new location I actually had a talk with him about a couple of the girls being rude or just not customer friendly. He really thanked me and appreciated the advice. After being out of state for the last 2 years, we’ve recently come back to Dr. Bloch and I am SO happy with the girls he chose to run the office! He must have taken my advice to heart. These women are super caring, knowledgable, funny and take time to remember my name and my boy’s. Thank you girls! THAT’S why I come (sorry Dr., you too!). They build relationships and that’s what brings people back time and time again.

See you soon!

Carrie A. - University City, San Diego, CA
I absolutely love this office. I’ve been going here for over a year now and between the staff, Dr. Bloch and the services, I couldn’t be more pleased. They have always worked with me and made it a point to ensure that I received what I needed. Wonderful company in the village!

Nikki R. - San Luis Obispo, CA
The staff is very kind and the doctor answers any & all your questions about eyes in a way that makes it easy for you to understand.

Jenny A. - Carlsbad, CA
Dr Bloch was absolutely amazing with my 6 year old little guy. He kept his attention, made us both laugh and was just an overall joy to be around. You can tell he truly loves what he does!!! I am so glad we got referred to his office!!

Coryn D. - Oceanside, CA
I’ve been going to Dr. Bloch for the last 3 years or so. When I first went there in 2009, the reception and customer service left much to be desired. Dr. Bloch was great, but the processes and office were very disorganized. I went back at the end of 2012 and things have completely turned around. He has a great group of gals running the office. They’re all super friendly, helpful and efficient! During my eye exam, my 18-month old little girl (who was strapped in her stoller in the office with me) was getting restless. One of the nice office ladies came in and asked if she could stroll her around the office…which she loved (and made my exam a lot easier and quicker). Also they made sure I got my glasses as quickly as possible because they knew I didn’t have a spare pair.

Dr. Bloch is always helpful and cheerful and doesn’t force anything on you. He suggests things you might need or want, but never makes you feel that you have to purchase any additional services.

I would suggest to friends and will definitely go back for my next exam!

Mike M. - Oceanside, CA
I haven’t been to the optometrist in 15 years and had a great experience with Dr. Bloch’s office. I was greeted warmly by the receptionist and seen by the doctor at my scheduled time. He was very warm, talkative, and overall, I had a pleasant experience.

He explained everything to me in detail, giving me the pros and cons of my prescription, and showing me what my problem was on the a handy model of an eye. I did not feel that he was trying to push glasses on me and he even told me I didn’t really need them if I didn’t feel like wearing them.

Their selection of glasses seemed pretty decent and the receptionist was quite nice as well!

A D. - Ann Arbor, MI
I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan, but recently visited my sister who lives in Carlsbad. Of course, 2000 miles away from home, I needed an extra pair of contact lenses. I called Dr. Bloch’s office right when it opened, explained my situation, and the friendly office staff assured me that they’d be able to order me a pair. I had my local O.D. fax my prescription over, and the contacts were in the next day!

Thank you so much, you saved my trip!

Julia K. - Hilo, HI
Dr. Bloch SAVED ME! As I was putting my contact lens in this morning it slipped onto the wrong part of my eye and got suctioned to it. I called him at 7:30 am on a Sunday- basically the worst time to ever call anyone. He came right in and got it out painlessly, saving me hours at an emergency room and he was amazingly friendly in the process! I can’t recommend him enough.

Michele C. - Carlsbad, CA
Dr. Bloch is an incredibly nice doctor, and a very thorough one at that. He takes the time to give each patient the attention they deserve, and is complete and thorough in his diagnosis. When I first went to Dr. Bloch years ago, the contacts I was wearing were not appropriate for my condition – Dr. Bloch was able to give me the contacts that helped me see perfectly and in the ensuing years gave my family the same attention. His staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and are always great if I need to go in and have a frame fixed, or if I need another copy of a recipt or prescription. This guy rocks!

Ericka T. - Oceanside, CA
Great for kids and adults! I brought both of my eyeglass wearing young daughters to Dr. Bloch after we had an insurance change and had to make a switch. It has been wonderful! The most impressive part was how he completely put my girls at ease and made the extensive eye exam very manageable for them. In addition, my 10 year old daughter is now a new and confident contact lens wearer and could not be happier with her improved vision! His office staff is wonderful and they have a great variety of stylish frames in all price ranges. I do not need glasses, but went to see Dr. Bloch for an eye infection after visiting my own doctor and not getting any relief for weeks. Dr. Bloch performed a very thorough eye exam (something a regular MD can’t do!) and prescribed drops that cleared up the infection and reduced pain and the horrible redness that same day! I have read the other reviews about feeling like he tries to push glasses or oversell products. This has not been my experience at all.

Judy R. - Escondido, CA
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bloch’s for many years and have watched him grow his practice to this fabulous location in Carlsbad. Dr. Bloch & his staff have always been polite, friendly, & respectful to me. I have great respect for Dr. Bloch’s expertise & have come to rely on his opinion & suggestions…never more than in the last 8 months…and here’s a fine example of how Dr. Bloch goes the “extra mile” in providing quality patient care: I have a rather puzzling case of advanced glaucoma in my left eye. When all other treatments & medications had failed to keep my eye pressure under control, my eye surgeon proposed a surgery that I didn’t understand & had many questions about. So, of course, I called Dr.Bloch, who has been on this roller coaster ride from the beginning, to ask for clarification and opinion on the procedure, and, he was very willing to help me get all the facts I needed to make the decision. He took it upon himself to contact other specialists in the glaucoma field to get further information; he did this for both a second AND third opinion…Scripps clinic & The Shiley Eye Center at UCSD. Of course, after these appointments, I turned to Dr. Bloch again to update him on the information I received & to get his opinion once again. He always took my calls and always listened, explained, & advised. While the surgery first proposed to me is, I’m sure, one approach, it was not the approach for my situation, and without Dr. Bloch’s perserverance to get me the best medical advice possible, I wouldn’t have known. I recently had the surgery at The Shiley Eye Center, my eye pressure is under control, and Dr. Bloch is involved in making sure I have the right corrective lenses to keep my eye healthy. I am so very grateful to Dr. Bloch & appreciative of all he and Dr. Weinreb at Shiley Eye Center have done for me. In my opinion, you can’t find a more knowledgeable, caring, & thorough eye doctor than Dr. Bloch.